Wise Pet my Cuddly Protector for Tablets 9-10.1″ Sunny



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We are clever Smartphone and tablet protectors designed especially for kids. You can choose between different designs and characters and enjoy your device through a special pocket on your favourite Wise-Pet. The unique set of funny cuddly protectors comes to life with an interactive free online app providing you with the complete Wise-Pet experience of diverse and funny faces and voices.Splashy is the best friend anyone could ever have and you’ll never stop laughing when you’re with him! The slightest things tickle him and he always enjoys playing games.Wise-Pet App comes with a pre-recorded track. In addition you can personalize your Wise-Pet by recording literally anything you want and using any face you want. This way you can pre-record a bedtime story so your child can go to sleep to the sound of your voice.On the way to a family dinner or just a long drive – at some point your kids will start repeating the question ‘Are we there yet?’ This is where the Wise-Pet comes in handy – slip your device into the special pocket choose an app and enjoy a peaceful drive. Your kids can either hang it on the back of the seat or simply place it on their lap and play until you arrive at your destination.

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